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Article: SkyTrak+ vs. 2023 Mevo+

SkyTrak+ vs. 2023 Mevo+
Launch Monitors

SkyTrak+ vs. 2023 Mevo+

With a great price point and excellent data, these two units are a great option for any golfer that wants to improve their game without breaking the bank. With both of these launch monitors coming out in 2023 and taking the place of their older model, we came to find that these units exceeded expectations and will give any golfer an advantage on the course! 

Comparison SkyTrak+ 2023 Mevo+
Date of first release May 2023 January 2023
Price $2,995 $2,199
Included warranty 12 months 12 months
Additional recurring costs No required recurring costs.
Upgrades avaliable to use 3rd party software and other practice features for $99.95/yr Game Improvment Plan
Protective add-on requirements SkyTrak should not be used without the $99.95 protective metal case due to its proximity to the ball when hitting. None necessary since the unit sits 7-8 feet behind ball.
Software included in base price SkyTrak range app for PC, iOS and Android FS Golf for iOS, Android, and PC, FS Skills for iOS and PC, E6 Connect for iOS or PC with 10 courses and practice ranges.
Quality and features of included software SkyTrak's range app (PC, iOS, and Android) is feature-rich, graphically excellent, and ideal for game improvement use and historical tracking, especially with the $99/yr GIP, which adds Challenges, Skills Assessment, distance Randomizer, Wedge Matrix, and Bag Mapping. Since it can run on a PC, projection to an impact screen is ideal. The FS Golf, FS Skills, and E6 Connect apps included are now available on PC, so they will project to an impact screen or TV great with the use of a PC. The graphical representation of the range and ball flight in FS Golf and FS Skills is not as pretty or advanced as the SkyTrak range app, but the swing video integration (using the camera in your device) feature is very cool and useful.
Portability Good. Fairly bulky and heavy (about 3 lbs) with metal protective case. Would fit in a backpack but not a golf bag. Excellent, about 1/3rd the size and weight (1 lb) of the SkyTrak. Easily fits in golf bag.
Battery Good battery life, around 5 hours. Decent battery life, around 3 hours.
Tracking technology Photometric (cameras take at least 2 pictures of the ball during the first 12-18 inches of ball flight), similar to the Foresight GC2 and GCQuad. Also now has a Dual Dopple Radar for club data measurment. 3D doppler radar, similar to the FlightScope X3 and TrackMan
Ball data points provided Ball speed, vertical launch angle, horizontal launch angle, backspin, sidespin, carry distance, roll distance, total distance, offline distance, apex height, flight time, and descent angle. Base unit: Ball speed, vertical launch angle, horizontal launch angle, backspin, sidespin, carry distance, roll distance, total distance, offline distance, apex height, and flight time. With the $1,000 Pro Package upgrade, additionally: Vertical Descent Angle and Curve.
Club data points provided Club Head Speed, Smash Factor,Club Path and Face Angle Base unit: Clubhead speed (measured), smash factor (measured), Angle of Attack, and Spin Loft. With the $1,000 Pro Package upgrade, additional measured data: Club Path, Face to Path, Face to Target, Vertical Swing Plane, Horizontal Swing Plane, Low Point, Dynamic Loft, Speed Profile, and Acceleration Profile.
Connectivity with app 3 modes: USB (with cable to PC), Network (connected to same WIFI connection as app), and Direct (unit broadcasts its own WIFI signal, and app connects to it). Unit broadcasts its own WIFI signal and app connects to it. If app also needs to connect to internet (like TGC 2019), a second WIFI card or ethernet connection will be required.
Unit placement About 12 inches away from ball and slightly in front of it. 7-8 feet behind ball, on target line.
Ball placement, marking, and orientation Ball needs to be placed within an inch or so of the laser dot, and logo of ball should face the unit for best reads. Ball can be placed within a 6" radius of its primary position. Indoors, a metallic sticker should be placed on ball and should be oriented towards the screen or directly on top or bottom of ball (i.e., on the target line axis of the ball).
Ease of alignment Fairly easy alignment wher you need to align the unit with your hitting position. Bore-sight camera view in app lets you easily align ball and target line.
Shot delay from strike to seeing ball flight About 2 seconds About half a second
Suitability for indoor use Ideal. Requires only enough space to swing a club. Very good, but requires at least 15 feet of depth (8 feet minimum ball flight (10 feet recommended for accurate driver reads, particularly at higher ball speeds), 7 feet minimum from ball to unit). The floor between the ball and the unit should be a flat, continuous surface, and for good putt reads, the ball needs to roll on a flat surface from mat to screen. Also, please note that radar units can be thrown off by fluorescent lights, fans, AC units, TV screens, and large metal objects in view of or near the unit.
Suitability for outdoor use Great for outdoor use. Ideal. No problems with sunlight or divots. Ball flight is tracked by the radar for a potion of the ball flight, so its accuracy is higher than when using indoors, due to the shorter ball flight there.
Multi-user support SkyTrak shows your entire shot history in-app, and also on the web. Excellent with all FlightScope apps
Left-hand / Right-hand mixed use Needs to be repositioned between player turns for LH/RH use No need to move the unit for LH/RH use, as long as room has sufficient width for players to swing from each side (minimum 14-15 feet)
Accessing your shot history SkyTrak shows your entire shot history in-app, and also on the web. Their website tends to be quite slow, however. The FS Golf and FS Skills apps and PC software show your shot history in-app, and a web interface to view shot history is also provided.
Frequency of bad reads No-reads are rare, perhaps 1 out of every 50-60 shots. Mis-reads are more common with chipping and putting. No-reads are rare, perhaps 1 out of every 50-60 shots. Mis-reads are more common with driver and putter.
Accuracy of ball flight indoors Good. Good.
Accuracy of ball flight outdoors Very good as long as no divot interference. Excellent under all light conditions, as the radar tracks at least 100 yards of ball flight.
Accuracy of putting on a simulator Good, camera based launch monitors tend to do better in putting. The new SkyTrak+ does a good job on reading putts Radar units have a tougher time reading putts, especially short putts. FlightScope is recommending 10 foot minimum putt distance, and you need a flat putting surface from ball to screen. No-reads and mis-reads when putting, especially putts shorter than 15 feet, are common.
Accuracy of chipping on a simulator Good, shorter chips seem to have a harder time but seems to be fairly accurate. Good. Some misreads and no-reads on very short chips.
Supported sim software TGC19, GSPro, E6, WGT, Creative Golf 3D, Fitness Golf are all supported. To use 3rd party software you will have to upgrade to the Game Improvment Plan which is $99.95/year Excellent. Compatible with the market leaders TGC 2019 and E6 Connect.
Hardware reliability Too early to tell for this new unit. With the protective case add on, the unit should be able to withstand a good amount and be very reliable. So far the unit has had great reliability on the hardware. With the improved battery life and minimal issues, we have not seen many having to be sent back for repairs.
Company support Good. Can be hard to get ahold of but once you do they are great. Excellent so far, with frequent firmware updates and replacements of faulty units.
Customer Satisfaction Initial reactions have been good. We will update this as the unit is on the market for a longer period of time. Excellent so far with the new version of the unit. Very little units are returned.
Re-sale value A little too early to tell, but I would predict that these will sell for the typical $300-$400 under retail value. Lightly used units should sell for $300-400 under new retail.



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