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Welcome to Gung-Ho Golf, founded by avid golfer and software engineer Ron Hornbaker. We are an authorized dealer for SkyTrak, the ultimate affordable indoor launch monitor, and its complete line of accessories and golf simulation software packages.

Based in Austin, Texas, we serve the entire U.S. with the best SkyTrak pricing and most knowledgable post-sale support.

In 2017, we founded the SkyTrak Users Group on Facebook, where you can join a large community of knowledgeable SkyTrak users from around the world.

By simply purchasing your new SkyTrak from the SkyTrak Online Store and using dealer code GUNGHOGOLF at checkout, you’ll be eligible for our free technical support for the lifetime of your SkyTrak ownership, along with lifetime free access to our cloud-based Advanced Analytics for SkyTrak! We also offer a $100 referral reward to you for new SkyTrak customers you send our way. Please contact us for details.

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SkyTrak Launch Monitor

Powered by a breakthrough in commercial-quality launch monitor technology, SkyTrak is the first affordable practice, play and entertainment simulator that provides realistic results that compare accurately to your actual shot-making ability. After downloading the FREE App, SkyTrak connects easily and quickly to compatible iPads, Androids, and PC's via its built-in WiFi hotspot and you are ready start hitting shots on the SkyTrak 3D Practice Range anywhere at any time. No wires to connect and SkyTrak even has its own battery for total portability. With SkyTrak Shot-Tracer technology, see the ball fly on your iPad, Android, or PC, and receive instant feedback on the shot shape, launch angle, spin rate, carry distance, and much more to improve your game. With Shot-Tracer providing views from two camera angles, your practice time will be better and you will get more information than actually being at the course.

Until SkyTrak, you could not expect such accuracy in a simulator unless you spent $10,000, $20,000 or more on a commercial-grade launch monitor or golf simulator that could cost more than $30,000. SkyTrak is revolutionary in terms of price, performance and its ability to provide quality practice, addictive challenges and fun for you, your friends and your family without ever leaving home.

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SkyTrak Game Improvement Plan

The basic SkyTrak unit above comes with an excellent practice range, but the GIP takes it to a whole ’nother leve with these features:

Longest Drive Contest –The long drive competition provides golfers the opportunity to test their accuracy and distance with the driver. Can be used in Single of Multiple Player mode to add some competitiveness to your session or to challenge your friends. See how your carry, total and offline driver distances compare to your friends along with the all-important ball flight data for a better understanding of how your launch angles, spin rates, ball speed compares to the long hitter in your group.

Closest to the Pin Contest – Customize your target distance to the pin and get started. This challenge provides a detailed look at your ball flight with a focus on precision and will keep you coming back to beat your best shot, best friend or family member. Helps golfers better understand how to hit each club a specific distance at a fixed target. Play in single mode or multiplayer to add a little competition and more fun to your practice.

Target Practice – This challenge provides golfers the opportunity to select a target size – easy, medium or hard, and set the distance to the bull’s eye center. Shots are scored based on the accuracy of the shot. Practice your short game inside 100 yards or work on your driver accuracy with longer range targets. Single or multiplayer mode available.

Skills Assessment – Configure up to 10 target stations and the number of shots on each, then work your way through your bag. Over time with repeatable sessions tailored specifically to you, you’ll soon be able to spot strengths and weaknesses in your game. Through targeted reporting on green accuracy, consistency/dispersion, and tendencies, you can continue to build on your strengths while focusing on and improving any deficiencies. Track your progress and overall skill level with our new Dynamic Handicap scoring system.

Bag Mapping – The latest version of the SkyTrak Game Improvement module now includes a new Bag Mapping feature. With Bag Mapping, SkyTrak lets you set up each club in your bag, determine your target gap between clubs, then have you hit each club. After each shot is taken, a few key stats will be displayed, along with how far you hit with each club in your bag on average. Based on your intended gap distance, SkyTrak will highlight any gaps that may be too close together or too far apart. It will also track your shot dispersion for each club.

Session History – Stores shot data to analyze your performance and improvement over an entire session in a shot history table and graphically render a side and top view of shots, average distance with each club, and much more.

Progress Tracking, Charts and Graphs – Golfers can track their progress, and know their distances and numbers for a better understanding of their game with Cloud Storage in your personal data locker provided via SkyGolf 360 mobile app. Chart your stats by club by shot and see average carry distances, learn your maximum distance and create a bag map for better club selection during play.

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The Golf Club 2019 - Simulator Software
$995 On sale for $895

Looking for the ultimate home simulator solution? SkyTrak and The Golf Club are excited to offer golfers the next generation of The Golf Club – TGC 2019. The high resolution, high performance graphics system allows players to move in real time around the course, with screen resolutions up to 4K Ultra HD. All that’s missing is the wind blowing in your face.

The purchase price is a one-time, lifetime license, including all updates from the developers.

In addition to the unparalleled option to play over 150,000 courses in a stunning, high definition environment, TGC 2019 offer real-life physics contributing to the life like perspective that has become synonymous with “The Golf Club.”

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Local SkyTrak Demo
We will demo the SkyTrak system and TGC2019 software for you in our Austin-based golf studio.

Lifetime free post-purchase support
We will help you with any SkyTrak issue via email, phone, or text forever!

Lifetime free access to our Advanced Analytics for SkyTrak
Our cloud-based Advanced Analytics service is the best way to analyze your shot data! View a live demo of Advanced Analytics.

Local setup and initial training available
If you’re in Austin, we can come and help set up your SkyTrak system.

Corporate Outings and Events in Austin
We will bring a complete SkyTrak system and hitting bay to your corporate outing or event for $200 per hour (2-hr min).

Our studio in Austin... come see SkyTrak in action!

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