TGC 2019 Keyboard Shortcuts and Distance Penalty Cheatsheet

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Distance Penalties for Bunkers and Rough

  • Light rough: 7% distance penalty
  • Heavy rough: 14% distance penalty
  • Bunkers farther than 40 yards: 7% distance penalty
  • Bunkers closer than 40 yards: 40% distance penalty

Keyboard Shortcuts

There are many keyboard shortcuts in TGC (The Golf Club) sim software that will make playing the sim faster and more enjoyable for you. Here is a list:

ESC = Pause Menu >>

Resume Game - Resumes the game
Rewind Shot - Take a mulligan
Auto-rewind - Auto rewind to previous ball position (auto-mulligan, useful for practice)
Declare Unplayable - Drop ball somewhere else
Watch Replay - Replay shots
Turn Order - Switch between turn based and head to head play
Scorecard - Display the scorecard
Change Rivals - Add or remove players
Recent Activity - View recent activity
Settings - Display setting menu
Restart Game - Restart the game
Exit Game - Back to main menu

H = Hole flyover
Q = Scout Camera - Move camera to where the ball is supposed to land
E = Hole aerial view (also used to change ball position on putting and chipping practice areas)
V = View perspective toggle: Standard > Aerial > Slightly Elevated > More Elevated > Standard
C = Hole data
A / Left Arrow / Right-click drag left = Aim left
D / Right Arrow / Right-click drag right = Aim right
Z = Change club down  / Change Ball Position when in drop or unplayable mode
X = Change club up  / Change Ball Position when in drop or unplayable mode
J = Hole flyover
G = Turn on/off green grid
F = Remove flag
I = Show ball/club shot data window
W = Move ball forward when in drop or unplayable mode
S = Move ball backwards when in drop or unplayable mode
R = Auto Rewind
L = Show Lie grid
M / ESC = Main Menu
ENTER KEY = advance hole when holed out / drop ball when dropping out of hazard (or after moving ball in practice area)
ALT-ENTER = put TGC into "windowed" mode so you can drag it to another monitor, then ALT-ENTER again will maximize it to the new window


E = Green aerial view
Q = Scout camera
VView perspective toggle: Standard > Aerial > Slightly Elevated > More Elevated > Standard
G = Green grid on/off
F = Remove flag (only possible if ball off the green)
WSAD Keys = Move yellow aiming pole around

` = Select driver
1 = Select 3 wood
2 = Select 5 wood
3 = Select Iron 3
4 = Select Iron 4
5 = Select Iron 5
6 = Select Iron 6
7 = Select Iron 7
8 = Select Iron 8
9 = Select Iron 9
0 = Select Pitching Wedge
- = Select Sand Wedge
= = Select Lob Wedge
P = Select Putter

Menu options (that are not self explanatory)

Rewind shot - Take a mulligan

Auto-rewind - Auto-mulligan (useful for practice)

Declare unplayable - Drop ball somewhere else

Turn order - Switch between turn based and head to head play

Change rivals - Add or remove players

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