"Indoor Swing Syndrome" is a common problem with new SkyTrak owners

New SkyTrak owners frequently complain about SkyTrak not reading their shot shape or distances correctly. It's so common that the community has coined a term for it, called "Indoor Swing Syndrome."

Here's the Deal
When you first start hitting balls indoors, there are many factors that can make you swing differently from how you swing at an outdoor range or on the course. Here is a short, and probably incomplete, list of the potential factors at play (note that all of these factors can be conscious or subconscious):

  • Your ceiling, walls, or other objects in the room are close enough to you to make you concerned about hitting them with your club
  • Your perceived alignment to your target line only 8-10 feet in front of you is far different from seeing a target 100-300 yards in front of you outdoors
  • You're worried about breaking something or hurting someone in the room with your ball, should it bounce back off the screen or go sideways with a shank
  • Your swing gets flatter (very likely with your longer clubs and a ceiling height of 9 feet or lower), causing a draw bias to your shot shape
  • Your mat is too firm or too grabby, causing you to pick the ball cleaner with a shallow angle of attack (also can cause a draw bias to your shot shape)
  • You're worried about that $2,000 electronic box only 12 inches away opposite the ball, and tug shots to the left, away from it
The good news is that, given adequate room dimensions and a good mat, most golfers get over Indoor Swing Syndrome within a few days to weeks, and then realize that SkyTrak is showing very realistic ball flights and distances (and has been all along).

Below is a screenshot from a recent thread that is a great example of what can go wrong, and what can solve it.

Note that this guy has a 2.9 index and drives the ball 290 yards. If he can be affected by "Indoor Swing Syndrome," anybody can!

Here's a great video with some additional thoughts on the problem:

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